Harvest Festival Great Pumpkin Derby

Pumpkin Derby Rules and Regulations

All contestants must design and race their pumpkins according to these few important rules to ensure that this year's pumpkin derby is fun and fair for everyone:

  1. Craft your pumpkin racer using a single pumpkin. That is that. Do not cleverly glue two together and claim they are conjoined pumpkin twins that should be allowed to race. Also round-ish objects painted to look like a pumpkin won't fool anyone. One of two of our judges are NO FOOLS! Silly Goose.
  2. Every entry must have two independent axles inserted through the pumpkin, with wheels attached to the axles. Other than that, you are free to express your creative flair in your pumpkin design and decorations.
  3. Pumpkins may NOT contain additional weights / concrete / rocks inside OR be attached onto any pre-fabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, Tonka truck, Ford F150, Jet Ski, etc., etc...)
  5. The ONLY permitted propellant? Gravity. Oh, and no pushing or "helping" your pumpkin racer at the starting line with a last minute shove, hidden thumb flick, false start, remote control chassis, etc. etc. Our judges have been meticulously trained at the prestigious Indianapolis Pumpkin Racing Academy to look for that sort of thing.
  6. NO CHEATER PUMPKINS! Cheaters are Rat Finks (and often smell like rotten eggs) so please compete honorably, respecting the spirit of these rules. Any pumpkin blatantly violating the above rules runs the risk of being Pummeled to Pumpkin Pulp by our Race Officials. You Have Been Warned.
  • Amendment To Rule #6 - But what if you work your heart out making the coolest, most creative Pumpkin Derby Racer EVER only to discover you've inadvertently violated any of these rules? Hakuna Matata. While you are not qualified to compete in teh Main Race heats, we are making allowances for EXHIBITION MATCHES to be run on the side. We want to make sure that EVERYONE'S PUMPKIN RUNS!
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